Joe Biden, 78 years and 7 months of age, continues to set longevity records each day that he serves in the White House oval office. Many observers have questioned his mental acuity and his cognitive awareness over the past two years starting with his presidential campaign in 2019.

Yet, Biden has refused to sit for a cognitive test; at least such an examination has not been publicly recorded. His most recent physical examination, transparently released, was performed in December, 2019 by his then, and still present, personal physician, civilian doctor Kevin O’Connor. The latter’s report from two years ago, was silent regarding his patient’s mental, neurological, psychological, and cognitive status.  When Biden was questioned on the campaign trail regarding the issue, his answers were both contradictory and feisty, “I don’t need no cognitive test,” or “I am tested daily.”

Certainly, the biased and uninterested Washington Press Corps has not attempted to resolve the issue of Biden’s mental capacity. However, Doctor Ronny Jackson, currently a Texas Congressman wrote a letter, signed by thirteen additional Republican Representatives, insisting that Biden undergo a cognitive test. The letter, sent June 17 to Drs. O’Connor and Fauci, listed instances of Mr. Biden’s recent confusion and memory lapses in support of their appeal. Jackson wrote, “They (the public) deserve to to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander in Chief. They deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected official.”

Jackson knows this situation well and is highly qualified to discuss it. As a physician, he served ten years in the White House Medical Unit and was the personal physician for both Presidents Obama and Trump. In 2017, he conducted Donald Trump’s first medical examination while president. Therein he examined Trump with a very exhaustive Montreal Cognitive test, which the patient passed. Subsequently Jackson was exhaustively grilled by the hostile Washington press corps on television.

Note: Biden’s medical records have not been released. Jen Psaki promised that they would be released “soon.” That was eighty six days ago.

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