John Hutton was one presidential physician who remained close to his White House patients after they retired. Hutton served for a brief time in the military before his retirement from the US Army Medical Corps. Then, he reunited with the Reagans, not as their physician, but rather as their helpful friend. Please see previous post.

Major General Wallace Henry Graham followed Harry and Bess Truman in their retirement from the White House to their Missouri home. Dr. Graham was their personal presidential physician during their almost eight year tenure. In Missouri, Graham continued as their family doctor. He operated on both Trumans there and treated the ex-president during his terminal illness.

Graham had legal difficulties during his White House tenure, a unique situation for a White House Physician. “In early January 1948, Graham was subpoenaed to appear before a Senate appropriations subcommittee to explain his involvement in commodities trading…he had been a minor trader in grain futures at the same time that his president (Truman) was accusing speculators of causing an increase in consumer food prices…(his) responses wee embarrassing and confusing..” (1)  His profit was $6,165, a more than doubling of his investment.

Dr. Wallace Graham was a very political presidential physician. His antics will be explored in a subsequent post.

Reference (1): Deppisch, Ludwig M., The White House Physician (Jefferson NC: McFarland Publishers, 2007) 106-109

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