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This author’s third book, The Women in the Life of Andrew Jackson, will be published by McFarland & Company Publishers within two months. It will appear both in hard copy and in email formats. The book details how six women affected the behavior and career of the Seventh President of the United States.

The Women in the Life of Andrew Jackson should be of interest for two reasons: Andrew Jackson’s personality and presidential career has been often compared of that of President Donald Trump. Secondly, the women behind a president, especially the First Lady, have been neglected by presidential scholarship. This oversight is being corrected by historians, and this book should add to this significant trend.

The White House Physician was published in 2008. I have a contract for a second edition; research into the presidents and their doctors is underway. Much has happened during the past four presidencies. Much is happening. Thus this story is a work in progress.


Biden Watch: He played golf on Saturday April 17th. However, strangely, he did not greet or visit with the Prime Minister of Japan, a significant United States ally, when the Prime Minister visited the White House last week. He delegated the responsibility to Kamala Harris. This author saw one report that Joe Biden was under the weather. This diplomatic oversight has not been explained.

It is now three weeks since Jen Psaki promised that Biden’s medical update would be released ‘soon.’………………………..


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