Publishing Update from Ludwig M. Deppisch, Writer and Editor of This Website.

The Women in the Life of Andrew Jackson, my third book will be published by McFarland & Company, Publishers, sometime during the next three or four months. Although the book’s title may imply womanizing on the part of the Seventh US President, Jackson was monogamous during his long marriage to Rachel Donelson. Subsequent to her death, he remained faithful to her memory.

Six women were responsible for his nurturing, his health, and his physical and emotional comfort before , during, and after his two term presidency.

The White House Physician was published in 2007. Much has happened since then with the presidents’ health, and with the personnel, responsibilities, and interactions of the White House Physicians. McFarland decided that a second edition of The White House Physician was timely.

Donald Trump has been hospitalized with a COVID 19 infection. Joe Biden is the oldest American president. Moreover, significant questions have been raised over his mental health. Consequently, the publisher asked me to delay completion of a second edition since Biden’s health status remains unpredictable. Hence, this book will not be completed until year’s end.

Both volumes will be available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and McFarland & Company, Publishers.

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