Dear Readers,

Andrew Jackson: The Women Who Influenced Him is my third book. It will be published by McFarland & Company early next year, It is the story of six women who cumulatively molded the personality and behavior of Jackson.

Jackson was the stereotypical American hero during the nineteenth century. He was a warrior, a victorious general, forthright at all times, and ferocious in speech and action more often than not. He was duelist, a gun fighter, a slave owner, and the architect of the removal of Indian tribes from the Southeastern United States For these reasons, and also for his being Donald Trump’s favorite president, he is much maligned and scorned by today’s woke throngs and by the professional academic class.

However Andrew Jackson exhibited many excellent qualities and his two-term presidency was not a stranger to successes.

The book will tell the stories of six ladies who influenced him, and in turn, befitted from his personality.

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