The matter of Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mental fitness for the presidency festers without resolution. This candidate’s official and unofficial spokesmen continue to brush away questions about his mental acuity. As of this posting no recent neurological or psychiatric findings have been revealed. Moreover, no examination has been scheduled that might resolve the question of Biden’s mental capacity.

One month ago, a national Zogby poll of likely voters discovered that a majority (55%) concluded it was more likely that former vice president Biden is in the early stages of dementia. A third of democrats surveyed agreed.

Former Presidential Physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, when asked, submitted these responses: Joe Biden “wouldn’t do well” on a cognitive test. His campaign won’t let him take one, and, “I think Joe Biden has some cognitive issues.” Doctor Jackson is not a remote observer since he was the Presidential Physician to Barack Obama for the final four years of the Obama presidency, and in this post was able to closely observe VP Biden.

Ronny Jackson’s allegiance may have shifted some, since he became the Presidential Physician to Donald Trump at the onset of his presidency. Dr. Jackson thoroughly examined Trump’s neurological, mental, and psychological status as part of an extensive presidential physical which was conducted in January 2018. Jackson found that the president easily passed all these cognitive tests. Subsequently, the doctor was subjected to an hours-long questioning barrage by a disappointed presidential press corps. Consequently, the Washington Deep State was out to get Jackson.

An opportunity arose when President Trump nominated the doctor to become Cabinet Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Charges of unauthorized prescriptions, sloppy management practices, and drunkenness were leveled against the nominee. A subordinate White House Physician violated the military chain of command by bringing these charges, mostly unsubstantiated, directly to the ranking democrat on the Senate Committee charged to scrutinize Jackson’s qualifications. Senator Jon Tester unscrupulously publicized the allegations. Jackson withdrew his candidacy; his subordinate was fired from the White House Medical Unit; Tester was reelected.

Ronny Jackson will be vindicated. After departing both the White House and Washington, he ran for Congress as a republican. With the president’s support, he easily won the Republican nomination for the Texas Thirteenth congressional district. He is favored to win the election in November 2020.



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