Donald Trump, the 45th US president made it known that Andrew Jackson, the 7th US president, was his favorite predecessor. This affinity is the likely reason that the scheduled replacement of Andrew Jackson’s visage on the twenty dollar bill has been delayed until at least 2029.

I am often asked about the similarities between the two presidents. There are several: Both made their fame outside the political arena and were considered outsiders by the elites. Jackson was a military celebrity – the Hero of New Orleans, Creek Indian fighter, and conqueror of Spanish Florida. Trump achieved fame as a very successful builder and as a television host.

The election of both scared the hell out of the Establishment. Jackson was portrayed as the Wild Man of the West who might destroy the US Government. His political enemies in Washington for two years attempted to damage his presidency through the Eaton Affair. Recent history has documented Trump Derangement Syndrome that is daily apparent on CNN, MSNBC, and network TV, and in the pages of national newspapers. Moreover, Donald Trump was confronted by the Russian Collusion Scandal, similar to the two hundred years’ earlier attempt to damage, even to destroy a presidency.

Both Jackson and Trump have out sized personalities – blunt, boisterous almost egocentric, pugnacious, and very loud. Both were tall and imposing in appearance. However Jackson was thin while Trump is robust.

Both presidents were unafraid to challenge their critics and never shied away from confrontation. In his earlier years, Jackson fought his enemies with his fists, his cane, and his pistols. He fought two duels and killed his opponent in the second. Donald Trump accosts his enemies through his morning assaults on Twitter.

President Trump is the father of five children while Andrew Jackson was the biological father of none.

Their dissimilar treatment of women wall be contrasted in a subsequent post. Thanks for reading.


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