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Six women had profound effects upon Andrew Jackson, affecting his behavior, his character, his emotional and physical well-being, and the success or lack thereof of his actions. This is the topic of my next book, which is about one-third completed.

Elizabeth Jackson was the mother who instilled in her fatherless son the traits of the Scots-Irish.

Rachel Jackson was the wife who gave him loving companionship, the affectionate support of her many siblings, and nursed the wounds from his many battles.

Emily Donelson was the niece who provided the agreeable domesticity as his social hostess in the White House.

Peggy Eaton, the wife of close friend and confidante John Eaton, was the spark who lit the flames of controversy during the first two years of his presidency.

Mary Eastin was another niece whose demeanor and grace enriched the atmosphere of the White House.

Sarah Yorke Jackson was the daughter-in-law who gave him comfort and joy in his old age.

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