MELANIA TRUMP IIOn January 20, 2017 Melania Trump became First Lady of the United States upon the inauguration of her husband Donald Trump as our forty-fifth president. Mrs. Trump is only the second American First Lady to be born overseas. She was born Melanija Knava on April 26, 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. In 1970, this country was a region of Yugoslavia, but in the early 1990s it became an independent republic.

America’s first foreign-born First Lady was the wife of America’s sixth president and daughter-in-law of its second. She was the most impressive Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams. Her parents were an American merchant and his English wife. Louisa was both born and married in London, England.

First Lady Melania Trump, after a mere twenty-five days of the Trump administration, has been criticized for her “invisibility.’ At the conclusion of the inauguration celebrations, she left Washington D.C. for the Trump residence in Manhattan, New York City. She was completely transparent about her reason – as a mother she considered it very important to nourish her ten-year old son Barron, while he completed his school year in Manhattan.

The media shout that this First Lady, by her absence, is derelict in performing the ceremonial responsibilities of her station. She was nowhere to be seen when Prime Minister May and Premier Trudeau visited President Trump in Washington. Melania was initially absent when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied by his wife, visited the president at his Florida Mari Lago estate. However, Mrs. Trump did appear in photographs with Mrs. Abe later in the visit.

Meanwhile, the president’s daughter, the very accomplished Ivanka Trump, has moved to Washington D.C. with her husband and their three children. Previously, Ivanka was called her father’s ‘closest advisor.’

Prominent first lady historian Carl Anthony recently speculated, “The fact that Melania Trump is staying home for awhile, as her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump moves close to her father in Washington is likely to only signal the latter will substitute on occasion for the former. Or it may well mean that even after Mrs. Trump arrives that Miss Trump will continue on with those First Lady tasks she likes.” (1)

Ivanka Trump attempted to silence the above speculative musings by stating for a newspaper interview, “Well, I think that its an inappropriate observation. There’s one first lady and she’ll (Melania) will do remarkable things.” (2)


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