MELANIA TRUMP The Incoming First Lady, The Wife of America’s 45th President.


The Incoming First Lady, The Wife of America’s 45th President.

MELANIA-TRUMP | First Ladies of AmericaThe First Lady-designate is 46 years of age, stands five foot eleven inches in height, and is in good health. The author could discover neither significant illnesses nor chronic health problems in Melania Trump’s medical history. It appears that she has been pregnant just once; the Trump’s son Barron is ten years old.

Melania was a fashion model. In recent years she has designed jewelry and clothes; this career may have been abetted by her husbands wide circle of business associates.

She is a tall woman, only matched in height by first ladies Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mrs. Trump was born in the Balkan country of Slovenia, that had been a part of Yugoslavia. Her father was a communist. She is only the second United States First Lady to have been born abroad. Louisa Johnson Adams, the wife of the sixth American President, was born in London. However, Louisa’s father was an American citizen, and presumably she became one by birth. Melania did not become an American citizen until 2006. Thus her experience is unique amongst the first ladies.

Mrs. Trump recently stated that she intended to remain in New York City to oversee Barron’s education, rather than taking up residence in the White House. This preference was highlighted by the press as a shocking breach of tradition. A first lady’s absence from the executive mansion, although unusual, is not unique. Jackie Kennedy spent most weekdays at her Virginia horse farm during JFK’s presidential tenure. Abigail Adams was an infrequent presence in Philadelphia during John Adam’s presidency in that capital city.

Undoubtedly much more of Mrs. Trump’s biography will become public after she officially becomes first lady on January 20, 2017.

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